Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Finally got my Sea&Sea Glass Dome Port

S&S Wide Angle Rig 2, originally uploaded by Nuno Sanches e Silva.

Finally got it. Just tried in the tub and it is very heavy. The rig went directly to the bottom. I tried also with the Patima BC on top and it did not make a different - Directly down.

I am looking into a new buoyancy arms system. When I try it I will post here the results.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Got my housing back !!!

DSC02723, originally uploaded by Nuno Sanches e Silva.

Just got my housing back from Sea&Sea. I still didn't try it underwater. In the picture, the rig is set for macro photography.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

BOOT 2007 - Folding Fins

Special Fin, originally uploaded by Nuno Sanches e Silva.

These folding fins were in exhibition in BOOT. These fins were developed by Maksan. Maksan is looking for partners to develop and commercialize these fins and they are currently not for sale.

BOOT 2007 - Rebreather Ouroboros

Cool hey?

BOOT - BS Kinetics

German BS Kinetics housings are made of a composite of carbonf fibre and an epoxy resin. This makes the housing extremly light. BS Kinetics housings can be taken until 80 meters deep.

BS Kinetics also has a 45º viewfinder but the image quality was not as clear in the viewfinder as with the Hugyfot and Seacam.

BOOT - Hugyfot

Hugyfot is present in the BOOT with three housings:

  • Canon EOS 350D
  • EOS 400D
  • EOS 5D

    Hugyfot had also their 45º viewfinder in the stand. The viewfinder is very easy to install by yourself and can be installed in any of the Hugyfot housings. The quality of the viewfinder is very good and provides very a clear image.

    Currently, Hugyfot offers housings for the following cameras:

    • Nikon D200

    • Nikon D80

    • Nikon D70

    • Canon EOS 5D

    • Canon EOS 400D

    • Canon EOS 350D

    • Canon EOS 300D

    • Fuji S5 PRo

    • Olympus E500

  • Friday, 19 January 2007

    BOOT starts this weekend !!!

    BOOT Dive Show 2007 starts tomorrow in Dusseldorf. I will be there and will keep you posted of the latest. Amongst others, Sealux will anounce their new angled GV150 viewfinder.

    Sea & Sea recalls DX-5D

    According to Wetpixel Sea&Sea is recalling the Canon 5D housing for retrofit. Specifically, it appears that the multi-selector assembly might fixate or allow minor flooding of the housing through the component o-ring seals. The serial numbers that are being recalled are 055000002 - 055000174.

    Sea&Sea TTL Converter Compatibility List

    Sea&Sea just released a compatibility list for their different TTL converters existing and Sea&Sea strobes.

    More details on

    Saturday, 13 January 2007

    New Section - Liveaboards / Dive Trips

    I just added a section on my blog (see left side of the blog) with information about several liveaboards and dive trips coming up. If you have some other events, please let me know and I will put them in here.

    Thursday, 11 January 2007 pulls out all shark fin products from their offering

    Amazon has pulled all shark fin related products from their offering. This issue was brought to the public in the begining of the year by wetpixel and within hours members spread the message and made pressure over Amazon. This is an amazing prove of the power of the internet.

    Please show Amazon the importance of such act by sending them an email voicing your support for their immediate action and asking to keep this position.

    Wednesday, 10 January 2007

    Got a new BC for my UW camera housing

    Just got a new buoyancy compensator for my Sea&Sea housing. This BC was kindly sent to me by Sam (schchae in Wetpixel) from Korea. I still didn't try as my housing is at Sea&Sea to check the TTL circuitry. I will post some additional pics and comments when I get it back.

    Saturday, 6 January 2007

    My Birthday

    It will be my birthday in a couple of minutes (7 January). No diving for me today.. Parents in town. Well, I think my girlfriend would also not be very happy with that. So I guess I will have to skip diving at least until Wednesday night. Nico, wanna dive Wednesday????

    Sea&Sea DX-400D for Canon EOS 400D Arrives

    Sea & Sea just anounced in its site (only in Japanese for now) its new housing. Apparently, this housing will already bring incorporated E-TTL and E-TTL2 circuitry. It has also the option of a .8x pickup viewfinder. More news when I am able to translate the press-release.


    Today I was taking a look at some of the pictures I have in the computer and decided to post some.

    From the left: Nico Oosterwijk (my instructor), me and my buddy friend Fred Fokken

    Me and Fred

    My buddy friend Frans Mud

    El Orans from Scubaboard

    Nico and me in in Maarssen

    No.. That is not me with too much nitrogen on my head. Just got another guy UW doing this to me because he confused me with Nico...

    That's me in Oostvoornse Meer near Rotterdam. Photo taken by El Orans.

    Wednesday, 3 January 2007 is selling shark fin soup

    It seems that is carrying shark fin soup through a third-party vendor, Pacific Rim Gourmet. With all the controversy surrounding shark fins and the horrible practices used to harvest fins, Amazon should be ashamed to be carrying shark fin soup and should rectify the problem immediately by pulling all shark fin products from their catalog.

    What you can do:

    1. Leave feedback at Amazon’s product page for Dragonfly Shark Fin Soup

    2. Send e-mail to Pacific Rim Gourmet at and write a letter of protest to:
      Pacific Rim Gourmet
      75-5660 Kopiko
      Street, Suite C7-210
      Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

    3. Write to at Advantage Customer Service and
      Investor Relations
    4. Spread the word through your webpage, blog, etc.
    5. Boycott until they comply
    6. Join the discussion in wetpixel forums

    Tuesday, 2 January 2007

    My UW Photo Rig

    My UW Photography Rig:

    Sea&Sea DX350 Housing
    - Canon EOS 350D
    - Canon EF-S 60m macro
    - Canoon EF-S 10-22m
    TTL external converter
    2x Strobes YS-110
    2x Sea&Sea Arm VI
    Compact Dome Port
    Fantasea Frogman Modeling Light

    I put all my rig in a Pelicase 1550

    Monday, 1 January 2007

    Happy New Year !!!

    I wish you all a Happy New Year full with success and a lot of safe diving !!!