Tuesday, 26 December 2006

About myself

Hello All,

Let me first present myself. My name is Nuno and this is my first blog. I am crazy about the underwater world and this blog could not be about anything else but diving.

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and you can find me very often in dive sites such as Vinkeveen or Maarssen. I am very interested in technical diving (still training) and my last toy is a housing for UW photography.

I hope you will be able to find here some interesting information. Please keep visiting as I will be updating this blog hopefully often.

Take care and dive safe.

Nuno Sanches e Silva


Bianca said...

Hello Sweetie, such a nice blog with lots of information. I will look at it every day to see the updates because I am soooo into diving (like you!) I hope you still have time left to spend with your girlfriend :)

Kiss from the Pinnie UW

Nuno Sanches e Silva said...

Hi Bi,

Glad you like it!! Kisses