Thursday, 22 February 2007

Dolphin Swim Programs & Slaughter

WASHINGTON - January 18 - Environmental organizations revealed today that two American aquarium specialists are poised to transfer of twelve bottlenose dolphins from Japanese slaughter pens to a Dominican Republic aquarium, Ocean World Adventure Park.

The environmental groups of the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition are attempting to stop transfer both because it is grossly inhumane and because it violates provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The twelve dolphins are being held in Taiji, Japan pending the granting of import permits to the Dominican Republic. Stefan Meister, (a German national and vice president of the Ocean World Adventure Park in the Dominican Republic), Dr. Michael Briggs DVM, (an American citizen associated with the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago), and Dr. Ted Hammond, (an American dolphin dealer and marine mammal veterinarian) are brokering the sale and transfer of the twelve dolphins.

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition has obtained rare broadcast-quality video footage of the cruel, bloody capture of these twelve dolphins in Japan's waters in the port of Taiji.

Further info on the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition is available at:

Double click on the play button in the clip below to see the video of Japan's brutal capture of bottlenose dolphins.

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