Friday, 23 February 2007

Going to Honduras !!! 7 April - 14 April

I am preparing myself for my first liveaboard ever. Unfortunately I will not be able to share this experience with my other half. For this first I chose the Agressor Utila liveaboard. Utila is considered the Whale Shark Capital of the Caribbean. I will be travelling from the 7th April 2007 - 14th April 2007.

Local fisherman and the older scuba divers in Utila tell stories of "Old Tom", a legendary barnacle encrusted Whale Shark reputedly cruising the waters around Utila since Adam was a boy. Old Tom has been variously estimated at 40ft, 50ft and even 60ft in length, depending upon who's telling the story. In reality, the most common size seen in the waters surrounding Utila is between approximately 6m and 10m (20ft and 33ft), weighing around 15 - 20 tons.

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